TL;DR – Yoga Students Genitals Connected to Alt-right Transgender Child Bride [March Stream]

March 1, 2017 4:54 pm
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Girls free bleeds while doing yoga:

Students demand a “no white area” so they can do social justice:

College kids vow to cut off their genitals if Trump builds a wall:

More college kids pledge to remove genitals if Trump builds wall

“For Honor” is secretly brainwashing people to become Alt-right:

Sweden yes! So tolerant! Child marriage is acceptable because Islam:

Man arrested for the crime of looking like Hitler:

FtM trans takes testosterone and destroys girls at wrestling tournament, but remember, biological sex is a social construct!:

Rachel Dolezal continues impersonating a black stereotype by going on welfare and food stamps:

Bonus Story, JK Rowling is so pro-immigration she should be made to house immigrants in her various mansions:

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